Yemen’s New Anti-Corruption Commission Sworn-In

Newly appointed members of the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption, SNACC were sworn in before President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi as follows;

1-Afrah Saleh Mohamed Ba Dawilan

2-Ibthaj Abdullah al-Kamal

3-Ibrahim Ali Haithem

4-Hassen Shawkri Zaior

5-Hussein Sheikh Abdullah Ba Raja’a

6-Abdullah Mubarak al-Ghaithi

7-Ali Yahia Ahmed al-Sawnidar

8-Mamoon Ahmed Mohammed al-Shami

9-Mohamed Hamood al-Jaefi

10-Mohamed Mohamed Ismeal al-Ghashem

11-Nor Mohamed Othman Ba Abad

After the oath ceremony Hadi talked to them indicating to the importance of this step and their mission in particular in this circumstances.

He noted to the role should be played by the authority’s members to combat corruption in the country.

Several topics and issues were discussed during the meeting related to the current stage and dedicate circumstancesYemenhas been facing in particular nowadays.

”You have to face challenges and difficulties and we have to exert more efforts in order to combat corruption to give opportunities to youths,” the President said.

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