King Abdullah Tells NACC Not to Keep Quiet Until After Investigation is Complete

Higher authorities have instructed the National Anti-Corruption Commission not to announce financial and administrative corruption cases except after investigations proved the charges against the suspects were true.
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has instructed authorities to provide the commission with adequate number of qualified officials to carry out its mission perfectly, an informed source said.
“The commission has been directed to carry out its activities in accordance with its rules and regulations,” the source said. The announcement of corruption cases should be made without mentioning names of people involved.
The commission has been instrumental in unveiling a number of corruption cases, including receiving bribes by government officials, improper distribution of agricultural land and misusing of public money by some SAGIA officials.
Last year, the commission received information about more than 1,000 corruption cases. It found that many public projects such as hospitals and schools have been delayed because government officials did not follow those projects.
Many projects have been carried out by contractors with defects and without necessary specifications, the commission found. Some public health service facilities including hospitals and health centers lacked necessary health-care facilities.
Among the total complaints received by the commission, 260 were related to financial and administrative corruption and 115 were related to negligence in services, the commission said, adding that it tackled 228 cases.

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