Anti-Corruption Department to be Established in Kremlin

An anti-corruption department will be established in the Russian president’s administration by the end of the year, the Izvestia newspaper reported on Thursday citing a source close to the Kremlin.

The order to establish the department is being prepared and could be signed by the president presumably on December 1, the newspaper reported citing the source. According to the information of the daily, the department will be headed by the presidential aide Yevgeny Shkolov.

“The anti-corruption functions are not very distinct between a number of departments in the Kremlin. The control department and state legal department dealt with it partially and the interior policy department dealt with it to some extent. It has been decided now to establish a specialized department,” the newspaper quoted the source as saying.

On April 2 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed two decrees tightening anti-corruption measures, the newspaper reported. Back then Shkolov was given functions of a special commissioner of the Kremlin administration to check income and expense declarations of state officials – Presidential Administration Head Sergei Ivanov signed a relevant order, Izvestia reported.

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