UN Says Somalia’s Central Bank Governor is Involved in Corruption / Embezzlement

The governor of Somalia’s central bank, Abdisalan Hadliye, is denying a UN monitoring group’s allegations that he was involved in the embezzlement of millions of US dollars withdrawn from the bank, privately-owned Radio Dalsan reported on 3 July.

Hadliye said the allegations were “designated to spoil the credibility of the finance ministry, the central bank and its dignity”, the radio reported. “I am in a position to oversee how money is being withdrawn from the bank but I am not responsible for it once it gets out of the bank,” said the governor, who was appointed in January 2013.

The UN Group of Experts to the Security Council’s Somalia and Eritrea sanctions committee said millions of dollars sent to the central bank could not be traced.

Somalia’s central bank has not functioned properly since the collapse of Siyad Barre’s government in early 1991.

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