Yemeni Prime Minister Says Government ‘Failed’ To End Corruption, Stop Terrorism

The Yemeni Prime Minister admitted on Saturday that his national reconciliation government has failed to put an end to corruption and tackle issues relating to terrorism, sabotage and unrest targeting the country’s infrastructure.

“Rampant corruption is one of the main reasons for high rates of poverty and unemployment in Yemen, which requires collective cohesion to fight corruption and corrupters by all available means,” he said.

“We call on propagandists and preachers to take the lead in raising awareness among our people as to different issues faced by the country, most important efforts exerted by the state in confronting vandalism and disturbance,” said Basindwa at inaugurate of guidance campaign and conclusion of national awareness campaign in sync with National Dialogue Conference, arranged by the Guidance Office in coordination with Education Office of Sana’a City.

At the inauguration ceremony, Basindwa highlighted multiple negative impacts of such practices on development and investment inflows into Yemen. Corruption and vandalism “deprive the country and people from economic growth and various job opportunities that would improve living conditions for the masses.”

Basindwa also stressed the importance of roles of religious scholars in educating the people about their religion and urging them to refrain from violence, terrorism, vandalism and other acts in contradiction with Islam. He also hailed efforts by clerics towards community and national issues as clear and cannot be denied.

Yemen Fox 02 Jun 13

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