Afghan Presidential Candidate – Iranian Regional Influence

Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Daudzai Considers Running for President.   While understanding the pressures of the office, “I have a national obligation and am under pressure of my conscience and like-minded people… to become a potential candidate,” Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Daudzai said in an interview.  If becoming a president, there would be a “zero tolerance” in two areas: corruption and poppy-growing, as these two issues “are the source of all evils, including terrorism,” Daudzai noted, adding that he will “further think” about his potential candidacy and will make a decision soon. [Tolo News, 21 Mar]

[Note from JJCoonjohn: Daudzai’s election would likely increase Iranian regional influence. Please see comments on Daudzai on the bottom of page 6 and top of page 7 of the article Anti-Corruption In the Economic Cooperation Organization]

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